Perfectio Treatments

The thermal (heat) activity generated by probes enhances blood circulation and helps to deliver nutrients and cellular growth factors to the treated areas. Red and infrared light stimulates collagen production to promote natural skin cell growth and reduce wrinkles. These favorable cellular and metabolic effects can also reduce inflammation, and leave your skin soft, smoother, refreshed and healthy. The LED light an infrared light care are known to promote production of cells and collagen, reduce melanin (hormone) level in the skin and improve appearance of age spots and dark spots.

Red light therapy is safe for all skin types and people of all ages, there is no down time or recovery time. In research done by NASA, it was found that LED can aid in the healing of human wounds burns and diabetic skin ulcers.

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The Perfectio is a an FDA Class II medical device that is retailed at Beautiful You and the company (Zero Gravity) provides a life time warranty on the device.  We also provide package treatments of the Perfectio.


Perfectio in  Loxington, Ky.


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